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Tag Archives: Judge Robert G. Doumar

Prior convictions of similar conduct are admissible

Prior convictions for fraud, embezzlement and misdemeanor use of identifying information were admissible in the trial of a woman charged with wire and bank fraud and the preparation of false tax returns because both involve her untruthfulness for personal gain. ...

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Transfer of patent inventor suit to California denied

Where the parties’ relationship in a patent inventorship dispute was centered on conduct and activities in Taiwan and China, and where specific jurisdiction was lacking, the motion to transfer the dispute to the Northern District of California was denied. Background ...

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Conduct of jail’s health care provider belies indifference

Where a health care provider at the Hampton Roads Regional Jail provided medical treatment to the inmate, its conduct contradicted the inmate’s claims of deliberate indifference to his foot wound. In addition, because there was no underlying constitutional violation, there ...

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