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Assault in aid of racketeering constitutes crime of violence (access required)

Where the statute criminalizing assault with a dangerous weapon in aid of racketeering activity “heightens” the common law assault definition by additionally requiring the use of a dangerous weapon, that combination satisfies the “crime of violence” definition under the § ...

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Award affirmed despite multiple attacks by losing parties (access required)

Plaintiffs who did not prevail against a brokerage in an arbitration conducted by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority Inc., or FINRA, attacked the award claiming fraud; that the arbitrators were impartial, committed misconduct, exceeded their powers or disregarded the law; ...

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Real estate broker indicted for role in scheme to defraud HUD (access required)

Although a real estate broker argued the indictment against him should be dismissed, there were sufficient facts to allege he used straw purchasers and limited liability companies to defraud the Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD. Background This ...

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Clothes in disabled vehicle admissible as inevitable discovery (access required)

Where an officer conducted an illegal search of a defendant’s disabled vehicle and discovered clothing connecting the defendant to a recent robbery, the discovered clothing did not need to be suppressed because the clothing would inevitably have been discovered during ...

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Traffic infractions, smell of drugs justified vehicle stop (access required)

Where a patrol officer had probable cause to stop a vehicle after observing the commission of multiple traffic infractions, and had probable cause to extend the stop and search the vehicle, as well as its occupants, after smelling marijuana the ...

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Four class actions transferred to New Jersey federal court (access required)

Four franchisees alleging a national tax preparation company violated the Sherman Act by including certain no-hiring and no-solicitation clauses in standard franchise agreements will have to pursue their cases in a New Jersey federal court after a court held venue ...

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