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Tag Archives: Judge Robert J. Humphreys

Conviction for possession of controlled substance affirmed (access required)

Where appellant was convicted of possessing a controlled substance, there is sufficient evidence that he knew that the bottom of a soda can contained heroin residue. Knowledge “Lane relies on his testimony that Culpepper gave him a ‘clear baggy’ and ...

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Sufficient evidence of assaultive, firearm offenses (access required)

Where appellant was convicted after a bench trial of maliciously shooting at an occupied vehicle and attempted murder and other offenses, sufficient evidence supports the convictions. Malicious shooting “The circuit court found Smith guilty of three counts of ‘maliciously shooting ...

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Assault victim’s trial testimony was credible (access required)

Where appellant was convicted of simple abduction, sexual assault, and attempted statutory burglary, the victim’s credible testimony provided sufficient evidence of the abduction and sexual assault charges. Credible testimony “Breakley contends that the Commonwealth failed to show he detained or ...

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Alleged sentencing errors not preserved for review (access required)

Where appellant claims the trial court abused its discretion by imposing sentences that exceeded the sentencing guidelines, his failure to object dooms his appeal. Overview “At the sentencing hearing, the circuit court considered the completed PSR and numerous victim witness ...

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