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Attempted malicious wounding convictions upheld

Where appellant was convicted of seven counts of attempted malicious wounding after he rammed another watercraft with his boat, there was sufficient evidence that he specifically intended to maliciously wound the other boat’s occupants. Two cases dealing with defendants’ alleged ...

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Evidence shows that will was not destroyed

A copy of the testator’s will, which disinherited her sons, was properly admitted to probate. The estate’s executor successfully rebutted the presumption that the missing original “was revoked by clear and convincing evidence.” Overview After Lynch-Carbaugh died, Kenney, the estate’s ...

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Text messages authenticated, considered party admission

Where appellant was convicted after a bench trial of the attempted first-degree murder of his girlfriend, destruction of property and several firearm offenses, appellant’s text messages to the girlfriend after he shot at her were properly authenticated and could be ...

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