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Prior convictions were properly authenticated (access required)

Where appellant was convicted of drug offenses and firearm charges, his prior criminal history was properly authenticated with court orders from prior cases. The trial court correctly rejected his argument that the orders were inadmissible because they contained electronic signatures ...

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Lying to officers during warrantless encounter not obstruction (access required)

Where a defendant lied to officers about the whereabouts of his son, who was suspected of driving the defendant’s vehicle and causing a single-vehicle rollover accident, during a consensual encounter at his home and refused to let the officers, who ...

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No dismissal after failure to object to speedy trial violation (access required)

Where a defendant’s trial was scheduled to take place more than five months after his preliminary hearing, in violation of Virginia’s speedy trial requirements, the defendant was not entitled to a dismissal of the indictment because he failed to object ...

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Any inconsistencies in testimony not enough for reversal (access required)

The conviction of a defendant who denied sexually assaulting his daughter and disputed other aspects of her testimony was affirmed because the defendant failed to cite any legal authority to support his argument that these discrepancies rendered the evidence insufficient ...

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