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CAV: Claim not “new” when discoverable in prior action (access required)

Res judicata applied to claims that an injured worker discovered when she deposed her doctor after the Workers’ Comp ensation Commission’s denial of her initial claims. She had initially chosen not to depose him due to the cost, but this ...

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Va. Ct. App.: Bifurcated divorce decree was final (access required)

The court of appeals could review a divorce decree that the circuit court had bifurcated from ongoing litigation of spousal support, equitable distribution, and attorneys’ fees due to the 90-year-old husband’s failing health. Background After 54 years of marriage, Husband ...

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Trooper’s PTSD from accident scene not compensable (access required)

A state trooper responding to a gruesome traffic accident could not prevail on a claim for purely psychological damages arising from “unfortunately frequent” occurrences in his line of work, the court of appeals held. On August 19, 2015, Virginia State ...

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Police Use of File-Sharing Software Not an Unreasonable Search (access required)

The court of appeals upheld the conviction of Appellant Matthew John Stickle, whose possession of child pornography was discovered through the use of a P2P file-sharing program tailored for law enforcement use. Lt. Scott Little, a district coordinator for the ...

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Motor Vehicles – Suspension of Driving Privileges – Fisherman Exemption (access required)

Grasty v. Commonwealth (VLW No. 017-7-289, 8 pp.) (Humphreys, J.) Appealed from Newport News Circuit Court (Sugg, J.) Va. App. Pub. Holding:  Appellant driver was convicted of a third or subsequent offense of driving on a suspended or revoked license ...

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Modification of Spousal Support – Burden of Proof (access required)

Hubbard v. Hubbard (VLW No. 017-7-248, 6 pp.) (Humphreys, J.) Record No. 0197-17-2. Appealed from the Circuit Court of Chesterfield County (Johnson, J.) Holding: Where the circuit court ruled that the appellant-husband failed to produce any direct evidence of his ...

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