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Husband entitled to credit for support overpayments

Where the J&DR court reduced husband’s spousal support obligation but did not reference any overages or set a repayment schedule until after a hearing conducted several months later, the circuit court correctly ruled that husband’s motion for overage payments “was ...

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Amended spousal support statute applies retroactively

Where the parties’ agreement regarding the non-modifiable amount and duration of husband’s spousal support payments to wife did not exactly conform with language required by a July 1, 2018, amendment to the applicable statute, a later amendment that permitted more ...

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Court correctly calculated child support obligation

The circuit court correctly declined to subtract father’s mortgage payment from rents received when calculating his income for child support purposes. Further, the court properly refused to credit father for medical insurance payments on the children’s behalf where there was ...

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Court had jurisdiction to revoke suspended sentence

The circuit court retained jurisdiction to revoke appellant’s suspended sentence when it conditioned the suspension on appellant’s compliance with his probation terms, even though the court did not expressly make the suspension period concurrent with the probation period. Background In ...

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Children’s best interests considered in visitation order

Where the JDR court’s visitation ruling specified only “reasonable visitation” for father, the circuit court properly imposed a specific visitation schedule. The court had the authority to do so despite striking father’s evidence concerning changed circumstances. Further, despite mother’s contrary ...

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