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Challengers to school’s name change lack standing (access required)

Taxpayers in Fairfax County lacked standing to challenge the school board’s decision to rename a school named for a Confederate general. On December 7, 2015, Defendant Sandra Evans, a school board member, sponsored an amendment to Regulation 8170, which governs ...

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Patient claimed weakness after back surgery – Defense Verdict (access required)

On Feb. 19, 2010, plaintiff underwent revision of a spinal cord stimulator module to ad-dress chronic lower back and lower extremity pain. Plain-tiff’s surgical course was unremarkable, and the surgery was successful in replacing the stimulator. But upon emergence from ...

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Harmless error rule allows use of ‘de facto will’ (access required)

Last Will and Testament FEA

Virginia lawyers have had a tool to validate wills that fail to meet the strict requirements of authentic­ity for almost nine years. Lawyers report increasing use of what has been called the “harmless error rule” for wills that don’t quite ...

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