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Previously available evidence dooms actual innocence writ (access required)

The court denies a petition for a writ of actual innocence because it was based on evidence available to petitioner before his conviction became final in the circuit court. Background On July 27, 2010, petitioner Johnson pleaded guilty to bank ...

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Dual convictions did not violate double jeopardy (access required)

Where appellant was convicted in two different counties for felony eluding, there was no double jeopardy violation. Even though the convictions arose from the same incident, the motorists endangered were not the same in the two counties. Background In Chesterfield ...

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Insufficient evidence of possession in drug case (access required)

Even though the police discovered documents and court papers bearing appellant’s name in an apartment bedroom, there was insufficient evidence that appellant constructively possessed marijuana and Xanax that was also found in the bedroom. His possession with intent to distribute ...

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