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Husband’s inheritance became marital property (access required)

Where husband received an inheritance and wrote checks to wife, which she deposited into her own account, the inheritance became marital property. Further, handwritten documents husband submitted do not reflect a contractual agreement that husband gave wife money in exchange ...

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Child support includes veterans’ disability benefits (access required)

The court reaffirmed a prior decision holding veterans’ disability benefits are included in calculating child support. A 2017 decision from the United States Supreme Court, the court held, did not affect this holding because that decision did not involve the ...

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Separation agreement required court award all requested attorneys’ fees (access required)

Where a marital separation agreement provided that a defaulting party was responsible for any costs, including but not limited to attorneys’ fees that the prevailing incurred in enforcing the provisions of the agreement, the court did not have discretion to ...

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Juvenile’s sentence exceeded limit allowed by statute (access required)

A trial court’s goal of sentencing a defendant for, essentially, time served was thwarted because the sentence exceeded the maximum that could be imposed under the statute. Background Appellant and two other persons assaulted another teenager as he walked to ...

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Workplace accident exacerbated preexisting injury (access required)

An employee was entitled to workers’ compensation benefits where he suffered a lower back injury during a workplace accident that exacerbated his preexisting back pain because the employee’s actions during the accident did not constitute a willful violation of a ...

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