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Tag Archives: Judge Stanley P. Klein

Man ran into tractor-trailer with obscured lights – $400,000 Settlement (access required)

Auto-truck collision wherein plaintiff was returning from D.C., and ran into the back of a tractor-trailer stopped on the roadway in a straight lane to make an illegal turn. Liability was contested, contributory negligence of the plaintiff driver and alcohol ...

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Artist blinded during retinal detachment surgery – $1 Million Settlement (access required)

The plaintiff, a 58-year-old artist, was permanently blinded in one eye after undergoing an outpatient surgery for a retinal detachment. The defendant retinal surgeon performed a pneumatic retinopexy, which requires an injection of expansile gas into the patient’s eye to ...

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Wills & Trusts – No-Contest Provision – Stepson Executors – Widow’s Lawsuits (access required)

A widow’s 12-count bill of complaint filed in 2002 and her 2004 motion for judgment alleging conversion and seeking $2.1 million from her husband’s estate, challenging what she called the “will from hell,” triggered the will’s no-contest provision, and a ...

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