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Provider failed to comply with background check policies (access required)

Medicaid payments made to an authorized Medicaid provider were properly retracted by the state agency in charge of administering Medicaid because the provider failed to provide the agency with the results of background checks conducted on the provider’s employees as ...

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Injuries while walking to off-site training not compensable (access required)

Where an employee was injured when tripped and fell over tree roots while walking to mandatory training program held off-site, and the employer had not provided her instructions regarding what route to take to get to the program, her injuries ...

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Four interview for Supreme Court opening (access required)


Delegates and senators questioned four prospects for a September vacancy on the Supreme Court of Virginia this month, and other candidates could emerge as the General Assembly session continues. Two of the candidates interviewed Feb. 6 professed to being “strict ...

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Decision to terminate woman’s employment backed by law (access required)

In considering a woman’s challenge to her termination, the appellate court said the case required a de novo review of a hearing officer’s final decision. The hearing officer’s initial finding of retaliation was based solely on his faulty understanding of ...

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Dad’s assault on mom a material change in circumstances (access required)

A father’s assault and battery of his child’s mother constituted a material change of circumstance that justified review of a custody and visitation order, even though the charges could be dismissed if he complied with certain conditions. Background Prior to ...

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