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Judge Thomas S. Shadrick

Dec 28, 2020

Boy, 15, riding on motorcycle killed in collision — $2.5 million settlement

Type of Case: Wrongful death/motorcycle-auto accident Injuries Alleged: Wrongful death Name of Case: Estate of JR, minor v. CR and her employer Court: Settled without filing suit Medicals: $94,308.50 Funeral Expenses: $7,836.04 Verdict or Settlement: Mediated settlement Mediator: Judge (ret.) Thomas Shadrick Settlement Amount: $2,500,000 Date Resolved: March 18, 2020 Attorneys for Plaintiff: John [...]

Feb 24, 2020

Driver ran off road, hurt passenger – $1.98 million settlement

The plaintiff was a passenger in a motor vehicle that ran off the road into the rear of a tractor-trailer parked illegally on the side of a highway. Defendants were the plaintiff’s driver and the tractor-trailer driver and carrier. Liability was vigorously contested. [20-T-001] Type of action: Personal injury Injuries alleged: L2 chance fracture, sternum […]

Dec 24, 2019

Woman missed a year of work after blow to head at store – $1.3 million settlement

Plaintiff was a customer in a retail store that was undergoing renovations. A contractor was performing work above a display case when he accidentally kicked a cardboard sign that was framed with steel while climbing down a step ladder. The construction area was not roped off and there were no signs warning of overhead work. […]

Dec 8, 2019

Disabled car was struck by sweeper, man suffered TBI – $5,070,280 settlement

On Sunday, Jan. 15, 2017, the plaintiff was driving to work in his father’s SUV in the right southbound lane of the James River Bridge. The vehicle suffered a mechanical breakdown a short distance inside of the county line of Isle of Wight County, but still on the James River Bridge. Approximately 10 minutes later, […]

Nov 18, 2019

Intestine was cut during gallbladder surgery – $975,000 settlement

Because of ongoing abdominal pain, plaintiff planned an elective cholecystectomy in September 2017. Instead, because of pain associated with gallbladder disease, plaintiff’s surgery was moved up and the counseling physician’s surgical partner was scheduled to perform the procedure. Plaintiff had an extensive abdominal surgical history, largely due to ovarian disease. This history was m[...]

May 2, 2019

Man suffered brain injury, PTSD after rear-end collision – $1.8 Million Settlement

The subject accident occurred on Sept. 11, 2014. Stephen Spicer was stopped in a line of traffic when he was struck in the rear by a tractor-trailer operated by the defendant driver. Substantial property damage resulted. [19-T-051] Type of action: Personal Injury Injuries alleged: Traumatic brain injury of the diffuse axonal type with loss of […]

Feb 15, 2019

Mechanic suffered hurt hand, leg in car wreck – $750,000 Settlement

This case arose out of a typical two-car collision as the defendant driver turned left through an intersection where the plaintiff had a solid green light for some distance. The defendant was operating a van for a medical oxygen company and admitted in his deposition he never saw the plaintiff’s vehicle until the impact. The […]

Oct 26, 2018

Falling locker cover injured seaman’s back – $950,000 Settlement

Plaintiff, a 32-year-old deckhand on a regional tug boat company, was working on a vessel as it was being prepared for repairs at a Tidewater ship repair port. As he was bending down to move some equipment, a 100-pound metal locker cover fell onto his back from the deck above, nearly 10 feet down. During […]

Jul 27, 2018

18-year-old on bike was hit by tractor-trailer – $1.1 Million Settlement

On May 2, 2017 in the morning on a clear dry day, the plaintiff left his high school on his bike and was riding home. He was riding on the left side shoulder/sidewalk of a one-way road and needed to cross a one-lane entry ramp of an interstate highway just ahead. He looked over his […]

Jun 29, 2018

Man in bucket truck hurt in wreck with tractor-trailer – $400,000 Settlement

Plaintiff, a Hampton Roads city employee, was operating a large bucket truck maintaining road signs in a sequence with two other city large vehicles. Large signal arrows and flashers visually lit up when he was struck from behind. Defendant, a commercial tractor-trailer driver hauling a full load of trash allegedly broke the line of the […]

Feb 7, 2018

Woman hurt when worker knocked merchandise off shelf – $1,850,000 Settlement

The incident occurred when plaintiff, a 59-year-old woman, was shopping in a retail store owned and operated by Roe Corporation. While assisting the plaintiff, store employee Poe attempted to retrieve an item of merchandise from a shelf. As he did that, several other items of merchandise fell toward the aisle. One of those items struck […]

Feb 7, 2018

Passenger was hurt when car’s mirror was pushed into him – $750,000 Settlement

The plaintiff was injured in an automobile crash when his host vehicle was struck on the passenger side by a large pickup truck. The plaintiff lost consciousness at the scene and sustained a large soft tissue injury to his right shoulder from the side-view mirror being pushed into the passenger compartment of the vehicle. Counsel […]

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