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Tag Archives: Judge T.S. Ellis III

Suit transferred to Maryland because of first-to-file rule

Where a woman filed a class action complaint alleging a company violated federal and Virginia telemarketing rules, but there were already two putative class actions pending in Maryland federal court against the same defendant, raising the same allegations and seeking ...

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Deference to Department of Labor interpretation was proper

Where the magistrate judge deferred to the interpretation of “managers or supervisors” made by the Department of Labor, or DOL, it did not err. The terms are ambiguous and the DOL’s interpretation wasn’t unreasonable. Background Garrett Hoffman alleges that Bear ...

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Lack of work results in employee’s termination

Where a woman alleged that her limited-term employment ended because of her pregnancy, but the record showed that there wasn’t enough work to justify her continued employment, the employer prevailed on her discrimination and retaliation claims. Background Allison Blanchard filed ...

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Detainee alleges prison officials favored religions

Where a detainee alleged that officials had a patten of cancelling weekly meetings and special events of his NGE religion, while allowing other religious events to proceed, his equal protection and free exercise claims survived their early motion for summary ...

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Stolen cryptocurrency not covered by homeowner’s policy


The theft of more than $170,000 worth of cryptocurrency wasn’t a “direct physical loss” covered by a homeowner’s insurance policy, according to the Eastern District of Virginia. Judge T.S. Ellis III wasn’t surprised that the parties couldn’t cite any Virginia ...

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Homeowner’s policy doesn’t cover cryptocurrency theft

Where a homeowner’s policy required a “direct physical loss,” the theft of cryptocurrency was not covered. Cryptocurrency, by its nature, exists only virtually or digitally and has no physical or tangible existence. Background According to the amended complaint, on Dec. ...

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