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Contributing to minor’s delinquency conviction reversed (access required)

Where appellant’s minor daughter called three family members and 911 because she was “real scared” about appellant’s erratic driving, she was not a child “in need of services” as defined by statute, and appellant’s conviction of contributing to the delinquency ...

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Victim’s civil counsel had conflict as private prosecutor (access required)

The trial court erred by allowing an attorney to serve as a private prosecutor in appellant’s criminal assault trial while simultaneously representing the complaining witness in a civil matter involving appellant. The simultaneous representation was a conflict of interest that ...

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Divorce correctly granted on grounds of cruelty (access required)

The trial court properly concluded “that husband’s pattern of behavior, culminating in the battery for which he was convicted, would ‘cause [a] reasonable apprehension of serious danger in the future’ or would be ‘likely to be repeated.’ … Therefore, the ...

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