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Eyewitness testimony, fingerprints supported convictions (access required)

Where the commonwealth provided eyewitness testimony and fingerprints as evidence, the defendant’s convictions for burglary, conspiracy and larceny were affirmed. Background Cobb testified that, while she was walking home from school, she saw a man carrying a “box full of ...

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Trial court erred by refusing to give self-defense instruction (access required)

A jury convicted Thomas Lienau of involuntary manslaughter. The court reversed, holding it was error to not give the jury a self-defense instruction when such an instruction was requested by Lienau and supported by the facts. Background Lienau owned a ...

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CAV: 21-day rule prevented court from harmonizing orders (access required)

The trial court correctly held that, absent some reason why its order articulating a fixed pension annuity could not be enforced, it lacked jurisdiction to amend that order – even if the fixed amount therein didn’t match the percentage share ...

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CAV: Baby’s bathtub death supports dad’s loss of rights years later (access required)

The circuit court did not err in terminating the parental rights of a father of six based on his conviction for involuntary manslaughter six years earlier. The offense arose from the death of his infant daughter when he left her ...

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Bon Mots: July 2018 Edition (access required)

As seasoned attorneys know, the lofty principles that attract aspiring lawyers can quickly be overshadowed by client emergencies, Sisyphean scheduling conundrums, unreasonable opposing counsel, billing targets, intrafirm politics, and understaffed courts. But from time to time, our esteemed judges take ...

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CAV: No revocation after good-behavior term expires (access required)

Despite the defendant’s probation violations, the circuit court lacked jurisdiction to reinstate his previously suspended prison time after the suspendion period had elapsed. Background On December 14, 1993, Green pleaded guilty to one count of felony arson. The trial court ...

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