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Tag Archives: Judge Junius P. Fulton III

Cemetery traditional access route statute interpreted (access required)

A statute prohibiting landowners from blocking access to cemeteries located on their property does not apply to other landowners whose property only has a “traditional access route” to the cemetery. Background A 59-acre parcel of land contains a 47-acre parcel ...

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Insufficient corroboration of accomplice testimony (access required)

Although there was sufficient evidence to convict appellant of racketeering, the court’s failure to give the jury a cautionary instruction regarding corroboration of accomplice testimony requires reversal and remand for a new trial. It was meth Appellant Holmes appeals two ...

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No release after annual sex offender review (access required)

Where appellant was declared a sexually violent predator, the trial court correctly concluded that he remained so and needed continuing inpatient treatment based on appellant’s annual review. Criteria “Code § 37.2-900 provides three criteria which must be satisfied to conclude ...

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Victim testified credibly in strangulation case (access required)

Where appellant was convicted of strangling his wife, the trial court correctly determined that she provided credible testimony about the incident. Further there was sufficient evidence to support his conviction. Choking incident Appellant “asserts that the evidence failed to prove ...

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