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Tag Archives: Justice Charles S. Russell

Drugs were ‘self-administered’ in vehicular manslaughter case

Where appellant admitted he had received a methadone treatment before a fatal traffic accident and his blood tested positive for Valium and Xanax, this was sufficient evidence to find the drugs were “self-administered” and to sustain convictions for aggravated involuntary ...

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Suspect was free to leave, ‘Miranda’ warnings not needed

Although the police were not required to give Miranda warnings to defendant before questioning him while executing a search warrant, the warnings provided were constitutionally sufficient. Facts Defendant Spinner’s father-in-law was a murder victim. Spinner and the victim’s daughter, Tamara, ...

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Teacher’s injury was within scope of employment

A fourth-grade teacher’s fall from a school bus during a summer trip to visit students entitled her to workers’ compensation. Background Claimant worked for employer as a fourth-grade teacher. In August 2016, while visiting incoming students at daycare centers and ...

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