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Tag Archives: Justice Cleo E. Powell

Paramedics had immunity in wrongful death action (access required)

Although the circuit court concluded that paramedics who failed to thoroughly read the decedent’s advanced directives were “clearly negligent, and probably grossly negligent,” the court correctly concluded they were entitled to immunity from plaintiff’s wrongful death suit. This is the ...

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Benefits award upheld despite incorrect analysis (access required)

We affirm the Court of Appeals’ determination that claimant was entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, even though the court used an incorrect analysis to reach its conclusion. The appeals court ruled that claimant’s injury occurred during a four-hour period, and ...

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Private foundation of public college not subject to VFOIA (access required)

George Mason University Foundation, a private, nonprofit corporation that raises funds and manages donations to George Mason University, is not subject to the Virginia Freedom of Information Act. Overview Appellant, Transparent GMU, filed a VFOIA request with GMU and the ...

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