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High court, 4-3, approves ‘rehabilitated’ med-mal juror (access required)


The Supreme Court of Virginia, by a 4-3 vote, has deferred to a trial judge who allowed a juror to remain trial-eligible, despite the man’s expressed doubts about the fairness of medical malpractice litigation. The decision leaves in place a ...

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Dangerous dog’s custodian liable for veterinarian bill (access required)

Even though a dog in appellant’s custody may have begun to attack a neighbor’s dog while on appellant’s property, the circuit court correctly ruled that the dangerous dog statute’s safe harbor provision does not apply. There was sufficient evidence to ...

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High court upholds arbitration win for Alexandria lawyer (access required)


The Supreme Court of Virginia will not disturb an arbitration decision that absolved an Alexandria attorney of ethics accusations and slammed a plaintiff with more than $900,000 in sanctions. The decision by five justices could end a protracted battle over ...

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SCV: Creditor deserved trial on objections to modified judgment (access required)

After granting a judgment debtor’s motion to reduce the amount of a confessed judgment, the circuit court erred in not setting the creditor’s objections to the modified amount for trial. Background On November 19, 2008, Appellee Hunter Mill West executed ...

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SCV: License-plate database may violate Data Act (access required)

Pictures and associated data stored in a police department’s automatic license plate reader database are “personal information” under the Data Act, but further factfinding is required to determine whether the record-keeping process allows a license plate number to be linked ...

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SCV: 1978 conviction vacated for actual innocence (access required)

Considering amendments to Virginia’s actual-innocence statutes, no rational factfinder would have found the petitioner guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Background In 1977, 12-year-old A.C. was brought to the emergency room by her mother. A.C. reported being raped by multiple assailants ...

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