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Tag Archives: Justice Elizabeth B. Lacy

Partial subordination rule applied in foreclosure case (access required)

Where a bank had first- and third-priority liens on real property and recorded an agreement that subordinated the first-priority lien to the third-priority lien, the liens survived when the second-priority lienholder foreclosed after the property owners defaulted. The agreement was ...

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Sanctions hurdle removed for discovery stonewall (access required)

Accusations of discovery lapses may be common in civil litigation, but what does a lawyer do when his opponent simply ignores routine discovery requests? While attorneys agree it’s rare for a litigant to make no response whatsoever to standard written ...

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‘The Virginia way’ still works in practice of law (access required)

The ”Virginia way” in politics has taken a beating, but the “Virginia way” of practicing law survives, according to lawyers who regularly square off against each other in court. Civility is the hallmark of the “Virginia way” of law practice, ...

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