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Brothers correctly removed as co-executors of mother’s estate (access required)

The circuit court correctly removed two brothers as co-executors of their mother’s estate and replaced them with a disinterested third party. The “strife and conflict between the brothers[,]” resulting in their inability to agree on even the most trivial matters ...

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‘Fair market value’ insufficient to compel specific performance (access required)

Where the decedent’s will gave her son an option to purchase real estate devised to her three daughters at “fair market value” within one year of the probate of her will, the term “fair market value” is not a “sufficiently ...

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No standing to sue sheriff for immigration law enforcement (access required)

Plaintiff taxpayers lack standing to challenge to challenge the local sheriff’s cooperation agreement with the federal government to enforce federal immigration laws. Their complaint does no more than identify a policy with which they disagree and then asserts that any ...

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Case incorrectly dismissed after Kentucky settlement (access required)

Even though plaintiff settled wrongful death and personal injury claims against a medical defendant in Kentucky, that did not bar wrongful death and personal injury claims arising from the same injury against medical defendants in Virginia. Background Appellant Green is ...

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