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Rezoning evidence admissible in taking case (access required)

Evidence of the probability that appellant’s farmland would be rezoned for commercial use was admissible in this condemnation case to determine the compensation due for land taken to construct a highway interchange. Background The highway commission sought to take a ...

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Justices part ways on vicarious liability (access required)


The case of a nursing home patient raped by a staff member split the Supreme Court of Virginia in its position on vicarious liability. The justices largely agree that an employer’s liability under the doctrine of respondeat superior is best ...

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UIM payment does not affect verdict amount (access required)

A $1.5 million jury verdict against defendant cannot be offset by plaintiff’s $750,000 payment from her uninsured/underinsured motorist policy. Facts White was driving when Llewellyn backed out of her driveway and struck White’s vehicle. White was seriously injured and sued ...

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