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SCV: Auto graveyard affirmed as lawful non-conforming use (access required)

The petitioner was entitled to “verification” of lawful non-conforming use status for a parcel of property housing junk cars. Although the parcel had at one point been owned by a corporation that attempted to clear the property, evidence showed that ...

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SCV: Miranda warning written in Spanish was effective (access required)

Evidence was sufficient to conclude that a Spanish-speaking defendant waived his Miranda rights prior to a police interview. He was given the written warning in Spanish, asked by an interpreter if he understood it, and read it back to officers. Background Detective ...

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SCV: No error in rejected district “compactness” analysis (access required)

The circuit court did not err in confirming the constitutional validity of Virginia General Assembly legislative districts, which the plaintiffs alleged were drawn in violation of Virginia’s constitutional compactness requirement. Background The plaintiffs seek a declaratory judgment that the “State ...

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SCV: Prior retirement foreclosed line-of-duty benefits (access required)

A retired firefighter diagnosed with throat cancer – an occupational disease – was not a “disabled person” prevented from the further performance of his duties and, thus, was not entitled to continuing health insurance coverage. Background Plaintiff Eddie R. Jones Sr. was ...

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SCV: Pediatric expert wrongly disqualified (access required)

The circuit court erred in granting summary judgment against a plaintiff whose only expert as to both standard of care and causation was wrongly excluded. The expert should have been permitted to testify because she met both the knowledge and ...

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SCV: Ruling in pending action no basis for res judicata (access required)

A circuit court’s decision was not grounds for res judicata in a separate action, when the earlier matter remained pending on the court’s docket and contained no other language indicating it was a final decision on the merits. Background In ...

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