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High court upholds arbitration win for Alexandria lawyer (access required)


The Supreme Court of Virginia will not disturb an arbitration decision that absolved an Alexandria attorney of ethics accusations and slammed a plaintiff with more than $900,000 in sanctions. The decision by five justices could end a protracted battle over ...

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SCV: Whistleblowers entitled to portion of gross settlement (access required)

In a false-claims settlement for Medicaid overbilling, Virginia’s whistleblower recovery provision entitling relators to a portion of the “proceeds” referred to gross proceeds, not proceeds remaining after the Commonwealth paid appropriate Medicaid refunds to the federal government. Background The relators ...

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SCV: Church merger raised issues of contract, not religion (access required)

A circuit court had jurisdiction to decide a merger dispute between two churches. Resolution centered on the parties’ merger agreement, not their religious doctrines or other ecclesiastical questions. Background After falling behind on its mortgage payments, Pure Presbyterian Church of ...

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SCV: Civil commitment test score not result of negligence (access required)

In dismissing the Commonwealth’s civil-commitment petition, the trial court misapplied Code § 37.2-905.1. Moreover, dismissal was not supported by the evidence. Background Appellee Troy Giddens was convicted of carnal knowledge and attempted carnal knowledge in violation of Code §§ 18.2-26 ...

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SCV: No heightened proof required for word-processed wills (access required)

Although a short will offered for probate had no page numbers, separately initialed pages, or paragraphs running onto the next page, it also presented no evidence of fraud or alteration. Accordingly, it was properly probated as the decedent’s will. Background ...

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SCV: Shareholder suits need not make “futile” demands (access required)

The circuit court erred in in dismissing the plaintiff’s derivative action on the ground that the plaintiff had failed to first make a demand for the limited liability company to take action. No such demand is required when it would ...

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SCV: Mold statute doesn’t foreclose common law claims (access required)

Tenants alleging black mold in their walls and mushrooms growing in their carpet weren’t confined to the rights in Code § 8.01-226.12 Background Tenants sued their landlord and a real estate management company, alleging that the apartment they rented exposed them ...

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