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Law Firms

May 2, 2022

Woods Rogers, Vandeventer Black to merge

Two of Virginia’s oldest law firms, Woods Rogers and Vandeventer Black, announced April 21 that they will merge later this year. The new firm — to be known as Woods Rogers Vandeventer Black — will be home to more than 130 attorneys around the commonwealth. When the merger goes into effect July 1, it will […]

Jan 10, 2022

Law firm planning: Get ready for 2022

Is your law firm ready for whatever may come now that COVID-19 surges are occurring all around the country, and the omicron variant is a looming threat? With mask mandates once again in effect in many areas, it’s impossible to predict what the future will look like. That’s why business planning for the upcoming year […]

Christopher F. Earley
Aug 16, 2021

Delegating to others can help grow your practice

“In most organizations, the bottleneck is at the top of the bottle.” — Peter Drucker If someone else can do something 70% as well as you can, delegate it. As lawyers, we tend to try to handle everything ourselves. It gives us a sense of control. The old adage, “If you want something done right, […]

Paying attention during conversation
Jul 5, 2021

The cost of not paying attention, and payoffs of doing so

When your to-do list runneth over, the idea of giving someone or something more attention may seem like a luxury you cannot afford. After all, as a mentor once told me, “Your work will expand to the time you give it.” Wise words indeed, but I offer that the presence you bring will create a […]

Jun 14, 2021

Playing defense: Make sure your firm is prepared to fight back against hackers

Hackers used malicious ransomware last month to shut down the oil pipeline that carries gasoline to the East Coast, causing long lines at gas stations lucky enough to have any gas to sell at all. The attack was unusual it the amount of disruption it caused, but it was just one of the thousands that are carried out each year. While retail establishments, banks and […]

May 10, 2021

Partners sacrifice to repay clients after embezzlement

Four partners in a Charlottesville law firm went without pay for several months last year as the firm struggled to repay clients affected by a half-million-dollar embezzlement. A long-time bookkeeper took money from accounts at Dygert, Wright, Hobbs & Hernandez for more than seven years, according to a civil lawsuit. The bookkeeper pleaded guilty to […]

Apr 26, 2021

Virginia law firms will return to a modified workplace

The COVID-19 pandemic altered the working lives of nearly every worker in the United States. The legal field was no exception. Virginia Supreme Court Chief Justice Donald W. Lemons on March 16, 2020, declared a judicial emergency, effectively pausing nearly all matters in Virginia’s court system. Over a year later, the emergency declaration has been […]

Aug 31, 2020

PPP a financial lifeline, but largest firms reluctant to discuss loans

For many of the nearly 5 million American companies that have received low-interest loans through the federal Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), the financing they obtained has been indispensable in keeping employees on their payrolls during a pandemic. Law firms, many of whom helped their clients navigate the process of securing PPP loans, were therefore well […]

Aug 17, 2020

Using data to analyze COVID-19 impact on law firms

On Monday, March 9, most attorneys went to work as usual. No one predicted that by Friday, March 13, they would not be returning to their law firms for months to come. “Basically, in just two weeks we got booted 20 years forward from the traditional practice of law,” said Sharon Nelson, president of Sensei […]

Jul 15, 2019

Six keys to increasing loyalty at your law firm

By Beth Sears BridgeTower Media Newswires All too often, attorneys abandon the law practice with which they work to join another or start their own. Usually unresolved conflict, misaligned values or better opportunities head the list of reasons for the separation. Many just think that their firm will be better now and do not use […]

Jul 1, 2019

Dress codes: The poll results

Men don’t need to wear a tie to the office much any more. And if you don’t shave for a few days, that’s kind of OK. Women should not wear low-cut tops or short skirts, but high heels are OK. And neither men nor women should sport facial jewelry or have a visible tattoo at […]

Feb 6, 2019

Virginia Beach firm announces 2019 leadership

Pender & Coward, based in Virginia Beach, has announced the election of a new executive committee. The 2019 committee is Dave Arnold, the new chief executive officer; Mark Baumgartner, chief financial officer;  and Jim Lang, the new chief operating officer. “This management team is committed to staying ahead of rapid changes in the legal industry […]

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