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Law Office Management

Aug 23, 2011

Harassment causes stress, costs money

There are as many sources of workplace stress as there are different types of tasks to do and people to do them. Sometimes, the workplace pressures and the personality differences coalesce and cause a particular employee to perceive bullying on the job. If employers have not heard the term “status blind harassment” they should familiarize […]

Jul 22, 2011

Costs of training of lawyers an issue in “work/life balance”

Corporations increasingly are reluctant to pay for what they view as training for law firm associates. That development has implications for law schools as well as law firms, according to a panel discussion July 20 on changes in the legal industry. The panel examined the premises in “Law & Reorder,” a book by former litigator […]

Jun 14, 2011

The plusses and pitfalls of accepting plastic as payment

The way in which legal services are marketed and delivered to clients must coincide with what the client wants and needs. One effective marketing tool is a law firm billing approach that is convenient and efficient. Service is the one thing that clients want from lawyers more than anything else, even more than lower fees. […]

Jun 10, 2011

Managing a law firm practice group

Lawyers may wonder whether they are able to manage a law firm practice group and still manage to practice law. The practice group structure has become an accepted organizational model in many law firms. Such groups can also be called departments, teams or some other designation, but the concept behind them is fundamental: to organize […]

Jun 10, 2011

Battling Burnout: Long hours, heavy workload put some in ‘paralegal hell’

How do you know you’ve got a flaming case of burnout? You start a blog called Paralegal Hell. ( At least that’s what one senior paralegal – we’ll call her PH – decided to do in order to cope with the stress of her long hours at a mid-sized law firm in Texas. The job […]

Jun 7, 2011

How solo practitioners can delegate with confidence

True “solo” lawyers who operate without staff support seem to be increasing in number. But for the majority of solo lawyers, there is someone in the office to help them and, of course, most law firms have support staff. Delegation sounds easy. You get someone else to do something so you don’t have to do […]

Mar 9, 2011

12 tips to help you manage your time

How often have you wished for the day to be a bit longer? You can’t add hours to the day, but some simple time-management techniques can help you use those hours efficiently. Editors at our sister paper in the Show-Me State, Missouri Lawyers Weekly, got lawyers to share their thoughts on time-management in the Midwest, where […]

Mar 9, 2011

LLP liability in Virginia: Making sure you’re protected

Virginia law is not kind to general partnerships. Indeed, general partners can be personally liable for any partnership obligation, and worse yet, for any obligation of an individual partner for actions while acting as a general partner. On the other hand, Virginia law offers broad protection to partnerships that have followed the statutory requirements for […]

Oct 8, 2010

Outsourcing not out of bounds, LEO says

Whether a law firm is outsourcing work across the street or around the globe, the ethics issues are the same, according to Virginia State Bar Ethics Counsel James McCauley. Firms may not want it known that they have shipped legal work beyond U.S. borders. But overseas outsourcing is driving the discussion that prompted VSB staff […]

Oct 5, 2010

Lawyers communicating across generations

Good communication skills are essential for lawyers. But in a multi-generational, increasingly technological world, how should lawyers stay in touch with their clients, colleagues and opposing counsel? A recent study showed a generational gap in how different age groups prefer to communicate. Deloitte LLP issued a report demonstrating that with each age group – baby […]

Sep 13, 2010

What employers see on job interviews

In law practice, as in other fields, employment remains a buyer’s market. The supply of available workers outweighs the demand for them, and with hundreds of candidates vying for each open job, employers have their pick. “Employers are plowing through more applications than ever before,” according to Paul Munoz, a human resources consultant with the […]

Aug 2, 2010

Billing problems due to communication issues

If your firm billed a client several months ago and has not yet been paid, assume that there is a problem. That problem may be external, because the economy is still soft and credit conditions are still tight. The client’s cash flow may be temporarily disrupted, making payment difficult; or trouble with the client’s business […]

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