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Growing problem: ABA student loan data puts focus on mounting debt concerns (access required)

After graduating from the George Mason University Antonin Scalia Law School, Ann Kossachev found herself facing a problem that is not uncommon among recent law school graduates: six-figure student loan debt. “It can feel overwhelming, and especially as you’re just ...

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Under pressure: Appalachian School of Law faces ABA accreditation decision (access required)

Southwest Virginia’s Appalachian School of Law has been directed by an accreditation panel to address questions about how it selects students capable of earning a degree and passing the bar. A critical hearing is set for June. Credentials of ASL’s current and ...

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Law school changed me — now what? (access required)

The experience of law school is unique among graduate-level programs, so much so that law students and lawyers have often told me that law school changed them in some fundamental ways. This realization usually occurs after numerous friends and family ...

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