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Tag Archives: Legislation

Taking off the cap: Lawyer, senators target change in medical malpractice law (access required)

A Washington lawyer whose client was denied $33.4 million under Virginia’s medical malpractice cap has vowed to get the law changed. Joseph Cammarata says the cap on recovery works the greatest hardship on the most severely injured, including his client ...

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Unlinked: Prosecutors renounce funding incentives to pile on charges (access required)

One aspect of the 2020 Virginia criminal justice reform agenda may already have been achieved, even as reform legislation was parked for a year. Virginia prosecutors responding to a call for revision of the state’s formula for allocating staff positions ...

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Assembly approves deferred disposition (access required)

After a decade of nuanced judicial refinements to the standard for deferring dispositions for criminal defendants, the General Assembly has agreed to give judges nearly unfettered discretion to delay criminal judgments for later consideration. The reform given final approval Oct. ...

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