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Mother awarded sole legal custody after lengthy dispute (access required)

Where the parties have been litigating custody and visitation matters regarding their minor child since 2009, the court awards mother sole legal custody. The court further orders that mother is “the keyholder and tiebreaker as to any visitation dispute” and ...

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Statute allows substitute to confess judgment (access required)

A statute that provides a method for appointing a substitute attorney in fact after a confession of judgment is executed defeats defendants’ argument that a successor must be named in the original instrument. Plaintiff’s motion to affirm a confession of ...

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Fault-based claims lack specificity (access required)

Wife’s demurrer to cruelty and constructive desertion claims in husband’s amended counterclaim is sustained with prejudice because there is “insufficient detail” to specifically inform her of the complained-of conduct. Overview Wife sued for divorce on grounds of adultery and desertion. ...

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Fifth Amendment assertions to discovery requests rejected (access required)

Where this court previously ruled that husband could not assert his Fifth Amendment privilege in response to wife’s interrogatories, requests for documents and requests for admissions related to his alleged adultery, the court affirms its previous order and declines to ...

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Demurrer to fair housing complaint overruled (access required)

The commonwealth has pleaded sufficient circumstantial allegations to establish a prima facie case of unfair housing discrimination. Defendant’s demurrer to the complaint is overruled Background Gilliard, who is Black, met with Fox, who is White and one of the defendants ...

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Name remains on sex offender list (access required)

Where petitioner seeks a writ of mandamus to compel respondent Settles, the state police superintendent, to remove petitioner’s name from Virginia’s Sex Offenders and Crimes Against Minors Registry, relief is denied because the offenses he committed require his registration. Ruling ...

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Nonparty’s motion to disqualify counsel granted (access required)

Where husband’s attorney sought to depose a nonparty witness who the attorney previously represented in a divorce matter, the court grants the witness’s motion to disqualify the attorney based on a conflict of interest. Overview In this divorce matter, husband’s ...

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Lawyer is disqualified in complex divorce case (access required)


A Reston lawyer has been sidelined from representing a husband in a contentious and complicated Loudoun County divorce action because of his prior representation of a former friend of the husband. The husband accused the former friend of having an ...

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