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Tag Archives: Loudoun County Circuit Court

Statute mitigating probationers’ penalties struck down (access required)

Where the General Assembly enacted a statute that prohibits courts from enforcing certain probation violations, the statute violates the separation of powers clause in the Virginia Constitution. Overview A defendant placed on supervised probation is subject to 11 mandatory rules ...

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Plaintiff T-boned after defendant ignored stop sign — $300,000 settlement (access required)

Type of action: Negligence; motor vehicle Injuries alleged: C5-6 disc protrusion causing focal cord compression; concussion; cervical and lumbar strains; right forearm, elbow and abdomen contusions Court: Loudoun County Circuit Court Case no.: CL21001433-00 Date resolved: 4/21/2021 Special damages: Medical ...

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Probable cause to arrest for driving under the influence (access required)

An officer had probable cause to arrest defendant for driving under the influence based on signs that defendant’s alcohol consumption observably affected his “his manner, disposition, speech, muscular movement [and] general appearance or behavior.” Further, despite defendant’s arguments to the ...

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Husband’s spousal support obligation eased (access required)

Where wife’s income and expense worksheet “exaggerates her need for financial support,” the court will modify its previously issued pendente lite spousal support award. Prior proceedings The parties were married in August 2014. They have no children but wife has ...

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Ex-spouse cannot buy interest in marital home (access required)

The court denies defendant’s motion for a declaratory judgment allowing him to buy out his ex-wife’s interest in the former marital home. Overview The parties’ marital settlement agreement, which was incorporated into the final divorce decree on Jan. 19, 2016, ...

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Police chief sued town, officials after sham investigation – Confidential settlement (access required)

Purcellville Police Chief Cynthia McAlister filed suit against the Town of Purcellville, its former town manager, an independent consultant hired by Purcellville, and six current and former Purcellville police officers. Her claims stemmed from her employment, termination and subsequent reinstatement ...

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