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Tag Archives: Mecklenburg County Circuit Court

Disclosure ordered for employees’ petition

Where plaintiff seeks documents from defendant municipality under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act, an employee petition to the personnel committee to discuss complaints and concerns about the town manager is not exempt from disclosure. Background Hawkins sought mandamus relief ...

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Woman died from rare complication of the flu – Defense Verdict

The plaintiff’s decedent was a 55-year-old otherwise healthy female who presented to the defendant family practice on a Friday afternoon in February with a history of fever, chills, nasal congestion and a sore throat that made it difficult to swallow. ...

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Defendant trucker prevails, wife hurt after man had turned left on highway – Defense verdict

Plaintiff’s husband, who was operating a vehicle in which plaintiff was a passenger, was traveling west on U.S. Route 58 in Mecklenburg County when he entered a cut-through in the median. He was intending to cross eastbound Route 58 and ...

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