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Tag Archives: Montgomery County Circuit Court

Motorcyclist injured in accident caused by object in roadway — $315,000 verdict

Type of action: Personal injury Injuries alleged: Concussion, fracture of left clavicle, and fractures of third, fourth and fifth metatarsal of left foot Name of case: Neice v. Quintero Court: Montgomery County Circuit Court Case no.: CL180000468-00 Tried before: Jury ...

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Roanoke lawyer faces $742K judgment for botched divorce

A Roanoke lawyer is defending collection actions on a six-figure judgment after alleged lapses in a divorce action and a resulting legal malpractice lawsuit, according to his client’s new lawyer and Virginia State Bar allegations. Charles “C.J.” Covati undermined his ...

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Condonation evidence warrants dismissal of divorce complaint

The court grants husband’s motion to dismiss wife’s divorce complaint based on evidence of wife’s condonation and resumption of cohabitation, even though husband cannot “precisely identify and disclose with particularity and detail each and every act of adultery.” Overview “On ...

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Va. Cir.: Attorney, but not client, evades sanctions for frivolous suit

A plaintiff suing for $4.75 million on a groundless defamation claim is liable for a proportion of the defendant’s litigation fees and costs. The plaintiff’s attorney was not subject to sanctions, as she relied on her client’s information until she ...

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Fees are a dollar short, but case can stay in court

A personal injury plaintiff avoided disaster this month when a Montgomery County judge ruled that his last-minute lawsuit was not too late, even though the check to cover the filing and process fees was a dollar short. The deadline passed ...

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Theater owner wins injunction to unlock his business

The operator of a Blacksburg combination theater-bowling alley and restaurant was allowed back into its building last month after a judge criticized the premises owner’s padlocking the doors amid a rent dispute. The theater company admitted it was behind on ...

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