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Appeal is premature where actions are pending in state court (access required)

Where there are two pending actions in state court involving parking permissions and easements, the resolution of which could impact the federal court suit against the City of Charlotte, the appeal alleging due process violations was dismissed as premature. Background Ballantyne ...

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Treasurer’s ordinance challenge goes forward (access required)

Where a city charter provides that the treasurer is the custodian of municipal funds, and the city council passed an ordinance giving that authority to the city’s tax collector instead, the court denies defendants’ demurrer to the treasurer’s complaint that ...

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City council members immune in monument case (access required)

Charlottesville city council members are statutorily immune from plaintiffs’ claims arising from a series of votes relating to the removal, sale and covering up of statutes of two Civil War generals in city parks. The defendant council members’ actions did ...

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Lee and Jackson statues are monuments and memorials (access required)

Statues erected in the city of Charlottesville of Civil War General Robert E. Lee and Lt. General Thomas Jonathon Jackson are “monuments or memorials,” as mentioned in Code § 15.2-1812, says a 16th Judicial Circuit Court judge. Plaintiffs moved for ...

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