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Injured class participant can sue TASER instructor over injury

Where a man participating in a TASER training session was struck in the eye when another class participant missed his target, the injured man can assert a negligence claim against the instructor who set up, implemented and executed the training ...

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Wrongful death suit against housing authority reinstated

Where a daughter of a man who died of carbon monoxide poisoning at his city-owned apartment alleged the city elected to apply its carbon-monoxide detector policy only to privately owned apartments, understaffed its inspectors and personnel, operated a non-uniform repair ...

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Jury to decide liability in detainee’s death

Where correctional officers moved for summary judgment against claims of gross negligence, willful and wanton negligence and deliberate indifference filed by the family of a detainee who experienced chest pains that ultimately resulted in his death, but there were inconsistences ...

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Doctor may testify as expert in wrongful death suit

Where a doctor had maintained an active clinical presence in the defendant’s specialty, and had performed the contested procedure in the past, he satisfied the active clinical practice requirement to be qualified as an expert witness in Virginia. Background This ...

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