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Plaintiff’s claims barred by statute of limitations (access required)

Plaintiff sued the manufacturer of a machine and the company that manufactured a solvent used in the operation of the machine, alleging her exposure to the solvent caused permanent injuries. The court held that, because the record established the plaintiff’s ...

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Man fell on converted ramp at hardware store – $280,000 Settlement (access required)

Plaintiff was awarded total disability from the Railroad Retirement Board in 1998 for degenerative spine disease weakness, pain of his right shoulder and gout. Plaintiff entered the defendants’ hardware store from a public entrance and slipped and fell on a ...

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Va. Cir.: Full defendant name may relate back to “Kathy” (access required)

An amended complaint can relate back to the filing date of a name fragment if the plaintiff knew the defendant’s identity but not her name, and if all the statutory requirements of Code § 8.01-6 are met. Background Plaintiff Pam Frazier ...

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Va. Cir.: Discoverable info includes entire care history (access required)

The estate of a nursing-home patient who fell and broke her hip, allegedly due to inadequate care, was entitled to broad discovery of the facility’s patient care records, personnel files, and financial information. Background This is a negligence case brought ...

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SCV: Mold statute doesn’t foreclose common law claims (access required)

Tenants alleging black mold in their walls and mushrooms growing in their carpet weren’t confined to the rights in Code § 8.01-226.12 Background Tenants sued their landlord and a real estate management company, alleging that the apartment they rented exposed them ...

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