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WDVA: Plaintiff couldn’t prove notice of hazard (access required)

Defendant Wal-Mart Stores seeks summary judgment in this slip-and-fall case. Virginia law applies. The only evidence in the record is the deposition testimony of Plaintiff Mary Diggs and her companion at Wal-Mart on the day in question. The facts drawn ...

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Va. Cir.: Interlocutory appeal on immunity issues certified (access required)

Concluding that its first-impression immunity rulings would likely lead to an appeal of any trial result, the court stayed proceedings in a negligence action pending interlocutory appeals requested by both parties. Background In January 2014, the City of Norfolk contracted ...

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EDVA: Affirmative defense not provable without expert testimony (access required)

Plaintiff Robert Benedict sues Hankook Tire Company for the production and distribution of an allegedly defective tire. Benedict seeks summary judgment as to the Defendants’ affirmative defense of contributory negligence. Expert opinions lacking The standard of care applicable in this case is ...

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WDVA: Builder’s negligence, not inspectors’, caused loss (access required)

A VDOT contractor that had to tear down and rebuild a bridge due to defective construction could not attribute its losses to either of its two inspection companies. The contractor moved forward with the bridge construction even after both inspectors ...

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SCV: Pediatric expert wrongly disqualified (access required)

The circuit court erred in granting summary judgment against a plaintiff whose only expert as to both standard of care and causation was wrongly excluded. The expert should have been permitted to testify because she met both the knowledge and ...

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Va. Cir.: Qualified immunity doesn’t bar gross negligence (access required)

A Norfolk police officer was immune from negligence claims arising from his operation of a marine vessel that capsized, but claims against him asserting gross negligence could go to trial. Background In January 2014, the City of Norfolk contracted with ...

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