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Tag Archives: Parental Rights

CAV: Brief appealing “adoption” goal lacks legal authorities (access required)

A mother’s opening brief lacked sufficient principles of law and legal authorities to merit review of the circuit court’s order finding a risk of abuse or neglect and approving the goal of adoption for her child. Background Mother and Father, ...

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CAV: Baby’s bathtub death supports dad’s loss of rights years later (access required)

The circuit court did not err in terminating the parental rights of a father of six based on his conviction for involuntary manslaughter six years earlier. The offense arose from the death of his infant daughter when he left her ...

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CAV: Unknown source of abuse blocks twins’ return home (access required)

Twin baby girls who, at about four months old, were found to have bone fractures and subdural hematomas indicative of abuse, could not be returned to their parents’ care when the parents were not forthcoming about how the abuse might ...

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CAV: Grandmother’s inaction supports refused placement (access required)

The circuit court did not err in concluding that a 12-year-old girl who had been fostered for two years by the same family, along with her siblings, should not be placed instead with her incarcerated father’s mother. The father’s family ...

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CAV: Mother’s lack of contact with kids supports termination (access required)

Despite significant compliance with social services requirements to reunite with her five living children, a mother had not substantially remedied the conditions that required them to be placed in foster care. She had not seen the children since they were ...

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CAV: Continuance denial during incarceration not improper (access required)

The circuit court did not err in not continuing a hearing to terminate a father’s parental rights while he was incarcerated; nor did it err in determining that termination was in the child’s best interests. The father had minimal contacts ...

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