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Apr 9, 2015

State Court Clarifies Partnership Law

The 4th Circuit vacates summary judgment for a plaintiff pursuing an accounting of four mining partnerships and remands this matter, in light of the response of the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia to a question of state law certified by the 4th Circuit to the state high court. Plaintiff alleges he owns fractional […]

Feb 9, 2015

Court Strikes Transfer of Shopping Center Interest

A woman could not transfer her interest in a family partnership that owned a Falls Church shopping center to a trust for her long-term companion upon her death; the 4th Circuit says the probate exception to federal jurisdiction does not bar its consideration of this case and upholds interpretation of the Partnership Agreement to forbid […]

Jul 24, 2014

Plaintiff Proved Partnership, But Not Profits

A Fairfax Circuit Court finds the parties’ formation of three companies in 2007 to conduct business in Afghanistan and the U.S. supported plaintiff’s claim of an oral agreement to form a partnership, but plaintiff has failed to show the partnership had paid all its debts, to allow the trial court to assess damages based on […]

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