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Tag Archives: Patent Disputes

EDVA: Hair-clip patent claims lack sufficient details (access required)

The patent-holder and licensee for a patented hair clip were granted leave to amend their patent-infringement claims against a former licensee who continues to sell products that the patent covers. Background Plaintiff Chan Soo Kim is listed as the inventor ...

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WDVA: Limited jurisdictional discovery needed in patent suit (access required)

Outstanding stream-of-commerce issues prevented the court from immediately ruling on the defendant’s claim that the court lacked personal jurisdiction. Background Plaintiff MYA Saray LLC manufactures and distributes tobacco products, including hookahs and accessories. The company also owns a number of ...

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EDVA: Targeted-ad methods too abstract for patents (access required)

Three patents for “high-tech snooping” processes used for online marketing were not enforceable. The internet context didn’t establish sufficient inventiveness over conventional, abstract concepts. Background This case involves technology that helps businesses pry into peoples’ personal preferences and privacy. Advertisers ...

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How to not dumb down your complicated case (access required)

Attorneys sometimes talk about “dumbing down” their case before presenting it to jurors. Certainly, many issues need to be explained in an orderly and simple way, and that process could be called “dumbing down.” But, from my perspective, the expression ...

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