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Med-mal birth injury claim accrued at child’s second birthday (access required)

A medical malpractice claim for injuries sustained during childbirth did not accrue until the child’s second birthday because unrebutted expert testimony indicated that the cause of the injury could not have been determined before that date. Background Erick, a minor ...

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Defendant’s acceptance of funds during project constituted bribery (access required)

Where a defendant facilitated the award of a contract to a private company whose owner was issuing payments to him for fraudulent invoices submitted to another one of his companies,  the defendant’s bribery conviction is upheld. Background Appellant Raushi J. ...

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Incompenefendant may be involuntarily medicated for trial (access required)

A defendant who had been declared incompetent to stand trial can be medicated to achieve competency; the medication was unlikely to have side effects that would undermine the defendant’s ability to receive a fair trial. Background Appellant Richard Leroy Abney ...

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Refusal to sign agreement sinks Title VII claim (access required)

The court agreed that Winchester Medical Center did not discriminate or retaliate against its former nursing director, finding there is no adverse employment action when an employer declines to pay discretionary severance benefits because a terminated employee refuses to sign ...

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