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Immunity granted in suit brought by prisoner on autism spectrum (access required)

Where a prisoner on the autism spectrum was placed in solitary confinement without stimulation for extended periods of time in 2014 and 2015, prison officials were entitled to immunity against his suit because the law holding that the prison’s practice ...

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‘Injudicious’ remarks about dogfighting do not require recusal (access required)

Although a judge’s comments about pit bulls and dogfighting made after vivid photos and videos were presented during the sentencing of defendants convicted of dogfighting and drug-trafficking offenses were “injudicious,” they did not require recusal. Nor were the sentences procedurally ...

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Defendant in bank fraud schemes entitled to resentencing (access required)

Where a defendant convicted in two bank fraud schemes was sentenced under an enhancement that applies when the criminal proceeds are derived from financial institutions, but the proceeds in this case came from third-party purchasers of properties, he was entitled ...

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Developer can’t blame easement holder for failed deal (access required)

Although a real estate developer’s agreement to purchase property for residential development fell through because of a pipeline easement held by a gas transmission company, the developer failed to allege claims for inverse condemnation, unlawful taking, breach of contract and ...

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Inmate in solitary confinement asserts Eighth Amendment claim (access required)

Where the inmate demonstrated he was denied a meaningful opportunity to shower and exercise while he was in solitary confinement, and the parties disputed whether the denials were sufficiently serious and whether prison officials acted with a sufficiently culpable state ...

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Case not “exceptional” under Lanham Act (access required)

Where the district court’s conclusions that one party was prevailing and that this case was “exceptional” under the Lanham Act were both rejected, an award of attorneys’ fees was reversed. Background Citi Trends Inc. filed a declaratory judgement action against ...

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