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Appeal lost over failure to challenge basis for terminating rights (access required)

Because the father did not challenge the circuit court’s alternative basis for terminating his parental rights, meaning  those rights would remain terminated even if he prevailed on the issue he was appealing, the appellate court affirmed the lower court’s decision. ...

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Failure to get counseling forfeited father’s rights (access required)

The father’s failure to comply with the Department of Social Services requirements for counseling and the therapist’s recommendations supported the circuit court’s decision that he was not prepared to care for his child, who suffered from numerous medical conditions. Background ...

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Sentenced enhanced for state robbery conviction (access required)

Because a prior North Carolina conviction for robbery qualified as a “crime of violence” under the Sentencing Guidelines, applying a career offender enhancement to a bank robber’s base offense level was not error. Background Jarrett Terrell Edwards appeals his 192-month ...

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Gang recruitment efforts insufficient for asylum (access required)

Although the petitioner asserted a gang was threatening him if he returned to El Salvador, evidence supported the immigration judge’s conclusion that the gang’s recruitment efforts were aimed at providing “more opportunities to increase membership,” rather than at persecuting him ...

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