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District court’s injunction stayed by appellate court (access required)

After a Maryland federal district court judge issued an injunction enjoining the Department of Health and Human Services from implementing new federal regulations with respect to the funding of family planning services in Maryland, the appellate court, over a dissent, ...

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Wife not entitled to discovery after equitable distribution hearing (access required)

Where a wife’s counsel withdrew prior to an equitable distribution hearing and the wife was given 11 months to retain new counsel before such hearing was held, the denial of her request for additional discovery, made more than six months ...

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Claimant’s fainting was not connected to work injury (access required)

Although the claimant had previously been injured at work, and then felt faint during physical therapy for that work-related injury, there was insufficient evidence to connect the man’s fainting to the injury. Background On Aug. 11, 2016, while undergoing physical ...

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Coal company’s carrier liable for employee’s black lung benefits (access required)

Where an insurance company first began providing coverage for a coal company one day before a miner resigned from the company, and the miner was first diagnosed with legal pneumoconiosis approximately one month later, the insurance company was liable for ...

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