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CAV: Retirement balance properly assessed at separation (access required)

Although a retirement account partially containing marital property had a balance of zero by the time of the equitable distribution hearing, the circuit court properly applied the relevant statute in considering the account balance at the time the parties separated. ...

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4th Cir.: Injunction denial required specific findings (access required)

Appellant Douglas A. Hoglan, a Virginia inmate, appeals the district court’s order denying his motion for a preliminary injunction to stop the enforcement of certain provisions governing incoming prisoner mail. In particular, Hoglan challenges the institutional requirement that images with ...

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SCV: Attorney-in-fact not liable for wife’s withdrawal of funds (access required)

An attorney-in-fact was not liable for his wife’s improper withdrawal from an account she shared with the decedent, but he was still liable to the decedent’s estate for money damages in the amount of funds he wrongfully deposited into his ...

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CAV: No interlocutory review in Tesla litigation (access required)

The court of appeals lacked jurisdiction to review the order of a circuit court, acting in its appellate capacity, finding that the appellant had standing to litigate the action. Background Appellant Tesla Inc. sought to open a manufacturer-owned dealership in ...

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