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Retail store fall results in fractured ankle, bodily disfunction and pain — $700,000 settlement (access required)

The plaintiff suffered a fractured ankle, neck pain, back pain, shoulder injury, as well as severe bowel and bladder disfunction as the result of falling in a retail store. Type of action: Premises liability (fall in a retail store). Injuries ...

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Woman missed a year of work after blow to head at store – $1.3 million settlement (access required)

Plaintiff was a customer in a retail store that was undergoing renovations. A contractor was performing work above a display case when he accidentally kicked a cardboard sign that was framed with steel while climbing down a step ladder. The ...

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Fall at apartment building leaves man a paraplegic – $4 Million Settlement (access required)

The plaintiff suffered multiple level spinal cord fractures when he fell over a railing and landed on a parking area below the stairway. A spinal cord fusion was performed, but he never regained use of his lower extremities. [19-T-052] Type ...

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Woman partially paralyzed after fall down shaftway – $6.5 Million Settlement (access required)

Plaintiff was partially paralyzed when she fell five stories down an open shaftway in a residential apartment building in which she was a guest of a resident. Plaintiff and a companion opened an unlocked closet door, stepped over a 36-inch ...

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Elderly woman slipped on slick restaurant floor – $750,000 Settlement (access required)

On Dec. 11, 2016, the 83-year-old plaintiff went to lunch with her family at a Richmond area restaurant after church services. Shortly after checking in at the hostess stand, the hostess asked the plaintiff and her party to follow her ...

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