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Homeowners’ policy does not cover home day care injury (access required)

Where a homeowner was running a day care business in her house, a business exclusion in the homeowner’s policy applied to bar coverage for an injury suffered by an infant under her care. Background This declaratory judgment action concerns whether ...

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Detainer order not result of extrinsic fraud (access required)

Where the Virginia Housing Development Authority obtained a district court detainer order that granted it possession of a house plaintiff was living in, plaintiff has pleaded insufficient facts to show the order was obtained by extrinsic fraud. The VHDA’s plea ...

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Partial subordination rule applied in foreclosure case (access required)

Where a bank had first- and third-priority liens on real property and recorded an agreement that subordinated the first-priority lien to the third-priority lien, the liens survived when the second-priority lienholder foreclosed after the property owners defaulted. The agreement was ...

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Some claims survive demurrer in easement case (access required)

Plaintiffs’ claim of a prescriptive easement to use defendants’ road survives demurrer because the complaint alleges exclusive and continuous use, from which plaintiffs’ use under claim of right is presumed. Because plaintiffs have stated a claim, they can seek permanent ...

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No property interest in demolished house (access required)

Plaintiffs lack the necessary property interest to raise constitutional and inverse condemnation claims arising from the city-ordered demolition of a fire-damaged building in a historical district. Background In 2015, Sinesi bought the Grandy House, which was built in 1901 and ...

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