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Judges uphold reporter’s privilege (access required)


Citing a First Amendment reporter’s privilege, two Virginia circuit judges have blocked subpoenas seeking information gathered by a Richmond news reporter. One ruling includes written analysis in a two-page order. Both judges held the company seeking the reporter’s information had ...

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Reporter covered by qualified privilege; subpoena quashed (access required)

A reporter may assert the qualified reporter privilege in response to a subpoena to compel her testimony in this defamation case. Her motion to quash the subpoena is granted. The reporter has obtained confidential and nonconfidential information during her investigation ...

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Man, 22, T-boned just after he got off work – $2.25 million settlement (access required)

Plaintiff was a 22-year-old male who was T-boned at a traffic light in South Hill when a tractor-trailer failed to stop at a red light. The defendant driver denied running the red light. Three eyewitnesses at the scene, however, reported ...

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Comptroller not proper party for damage claim (access required)

Where the commonwealth billed construction companies and others more than $7 million for flooding damages resulting from a ruptured water line, the commonwealth comptroller’s suit under the Virginia Debt Collection Act to recover damages, interest, attorney’s fees and costs is ...

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Volunteer coaches have sovereign immunity (access required)

Volunteer coaches conducting a high school baseball team’s batting practice have sovereign immunity from the simple negligence claims in plaintiffs’ lawsuit. Immunity analysis Code § 2.2-3605 provides sovereign immunity to volunteers to the same extent as paid staff. Whether the ...

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Amputation required after leg surgery – $4.5M verdict (access required)

On Sept. 4, 2016, Dwayne Kenney suffered a leg fracture from a motorcycle accident, which defendant Cyrus Kump, II, MD at OrthoVirginia in Richmond repaired by open reduction, internal fixation surgery on Sept. 8, 2016. On Dec. 16, 2016, Dr. ...

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Motorcyclist hit by auto at intersection – $680,000 Settlement (access required)

Driver of a motorcycle was struck by an automobile going through an intersection in the City of Richmond. Injuries sustained were a comminuted fracture of the tibia and ruptured deltoid tendons. Open reduction internal fixation was performed with medical bills ...

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Tesla can own and operate car dealership (access required)

The commissioner of the Department of Motor Vehicles correctly ruled that Tesla Motors fell within an exception to the statutory ban of motor vehicle manufacturers owning and operating a car dealership. Overview Code § 46.2-1572(4) prohibits automobile manufacturers from owning, ...

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