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No injunction against crowd control measures (access required)

Where police used crowd control weapons and equipment to disperse demonstrators who were protesting police brutality, this did not violate plaintiffs’ rights to freedom of speech and assembly. The court declines to issue a declaratory judgment that the police unlawfully ...

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Woman hit by unknown driver as he backed out in parking lot – $400,000 verdict plus prejudgment interest (access required)

On May 15, 2016, Tanza Hutchinson, age 59, was struck by a vehicle in the parking lot of the Coin Laundromat on Hull Street in Richmond. The unknown driver backed out of his parking spot at a high rate of ...

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Mayoral nominating petition requirements modified (access required)

Where plaintiffs claim that the requirements to be placed on the ballot for the 2020 Richmond mayoral election place a “severe” burden on plaintiff candidate’s “voting, associational and expressive rights guaranteed by the First Amendment” in light of restrictions imposed ...

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Nominating deadline extended due to COVID-19 orders (access required)

Where Code § 24.2-510 requires political committees to complete their nominations by the second Tuesday in June, and executive orders issued in response to the COVID-19 pandemic make it unlikely that plaintiff can hold a timely nominating convention, the court ...

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Two children killed while crossing road to school bus – $7 million settlement (access required)

These two wrongful death actions arose out of an incident on March 30, 2017, when a tractor-trailer was being operated on a two-lane road in Buckingham County. A school bus was approaching from the opposite direction. Both the school bus ...

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Off-duty firetruck swung too wide, hit woman – $210,257 settlement (access required)

Plaintiff, a 55-year-old woman, was stopped at a red light in the northbound left lane of 18th Street at its intersection with East Broad Street in Shockoe Bottom. Defendant, a Richmond firefighter, was driving a firetruck heading west on East ...

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Judges uphold reporter’s privilege (access required)


Citing a First Amendment reporter’s privilege, two Virginia circuit judges have blocked subpoenas seeking information gathered by a Richmond news reporter. One ruling includes written analysis in a two-page order. Both judges held the company seeking the reporter’s information had ...

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Reporter covered by qualified privilege; subpoena quashed (access required)

A reporter may assert the qualified reporter privilege in response to a subpoena to compel her testimony in this defamation case. Her motion to quash the subpoena is granted. The reporter has obtained confidential and nonconfidential information during her investigation ...

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Man, 22, T-boned just after he got off work – $2.25 million settlement (access required)

Plaintiff was a 22-year-old male who was T-boned at a traffic light in South Hill when a tractor-trailer failed to stop at a red light. The defendant driver denied running the red light. Three eyewitnesses at the scene, however, reported ...

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