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Tag Archives: Rockingham County Circuit Court

70-year-old plaintiff traumatically injured in car crash — $1,200,000 settlement

The plaintiff, a 70-year-old retired police officer/captain, was injured on July 13, 2018, in a motor vehicle collision in Rockingham County. The defendant failed to keep a reasonable lookout and yield the right of way when she pulled out in ...

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Woman died during elective spine surgery – $1.6 million verdict

This case arose out of the cardiac arrest and subsequent death of decedent, a 75-year-old woman during elective spine surgery. Plaintiff claimed that she suffered cardiac arrest as a result of hypovolemic shock from blood loss during the procedure that ...

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Protective order is no bar to joint custody

Even though a father had a protective order in place against the mother, a circuit judge still was within his discretion to order joint legal custody of the divorced couple’s child, the Court of Appeals has ruled in a case ...

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Plaintiff sought millions in airplane lease case, recovers $0 – Defense Verdict

In a case where the plaintiff sought $5,520,000, where defense witnesses were prohibited from testifying and where de­fense documents were excluded from ev­idence, the defense obtained a defense jury verdict of $0 after a two 1/2 day trial. Plaintiff, an ...

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Driver injured in wreck after woman runs stop sign – $1.3M Settlement

Defendant, an elderly white female, ran a stop sign and hit the side of the vehicle that plaintiff, a 52-year-old white male, was driving. The vehicle was owned by plaintiff’s employer. The impact pushed the plaintiff’s vehicle onto a curb ...

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Woman developed scars after vein treatment – $250,000 Verdict

Plaintiff, a 61-year-old female, developed multiple scars on both lower extremities following sclerotherapy (spider vein treatment) performed by a local podiatrist. Plaintiff underwent multiple scar revision procedures which improved the appearance of the scars. The defense admitted liability several weeks ...

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