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Flagrant discovery violations support dismissal sanction (access required)

The failure of a nurse practitioner to produce thousands of email messages in her suits against a hospital, and her submission, after a day-long deposition, of a 54-page declaration that rendered her deposition useless, supported the district court’s decision to ...

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Bar proposes elimination of lowest sanctions (access required)


The Virginia State Bar may drop two low-level options for resolving ethics charges against attorneys. The VSB’s Standing Committee on Lawyer Discipline also proposes changes aimed at improving public notice of disciplinary actions and open access to disciplinary proceedings. Two ...

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Boat maker’s changes in redesign did not violate injunction (access required)

The court held a boat maker was not in violation of a permanent injunction enjoining it from making, selling or offering for sale an infringing product, because it had sufficiently redesigned the boats so as to not infringe the plaintiff’s ...

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4th Cir.: $150,000 sanction on counsel, firms upheld (access required)

Attorneys’ “egregious” conduct was designed to, and did, mislead the district court, the 4th Circuit affirmed. They challenged the authenticity of a loan agreement for two years before revealing that they possessed an identical copy, obtained from their client, before ...

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WDVA: VDOC sanctioned for unprepared deponents (access required)

In a case brought by an autistic man for alleged mistreatment in prison, the Virginia Department of Corrections acted in bad faith by failing to adequately prepare organizational witnesses under FRCP 30(b)(6). Background Plaintiff Reginald Latson has moved to compel ...

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Va. Cir.: Attorney, but not client, evades sanctions for frivolous suit (access required)

A plaintiff suing for $4.75 million on a groundless defamation claim is liable for a proportion of the defendant’s litigation fees and costs. The plaintiff’s attorney was not subject to sanctions, as she relied on her client’s information until she ...

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WDVA: Attorneys sanctioned for bad-faith litigation (access required)

Based on frivolous claims and lack of candor with the court, a charitable bond organization and its individual attorneys will be responsible for a Virginia sheriff’s legal fees in defending those claims. Background Plaintiff Nexus Services Inc. is a charitable ...

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EDVA: No (further) fees awarded in bitter patent fight (access required)

Following contentious patent litigation, the court declined to award attorneys’ fees requested on grounds that the patent owner’s claims and litigation conduct were exceptionally unreasonable. Background Plaintiff CertusView Technologies LLC holds five related patents related to its “e-Sketch” technology, which ...

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