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Plaintiff sanctioned for ‘multiple’ Rule 11 violations (access required)

Where the plaintiff failed to support any of her claims with evidence, no reasonable person would believe the claims were factually justified and it appeared the suit was filed for an improper purpose, the plaintiff must pay the defendants’ legal ...

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No sanctions for disclosure of psychiatric information (access required)

Although an attorney offered no legitimate reason for why he included details about the psychiatric condition of his client’s ex-girlfriend on the public docket, and the level of detail was seemingly designed to embarrass her, because the attorney moved to ...

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Rule 11 doesn’t extend to notice of dismissal (access required)

Where defendants’ attorneys argued a statement in a notice of voluntary dismissal filed by plaintiffs’ attorneys violated Rule 11, their motion for sanctions was denied because Rule 11’s “later advocating” provision did not extend to the dismissal notice. Background The ...

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