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Reference to mediation in filing not sanctionable (access required)

Although the defendant made statements about mediation proceedings in a public filing opposing the plaintiff’s motion for leave to file another amended complaint, because the statements were broad, sufficiently general and referred to information already ascertainable from the public docket, ...

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Facts and documents admitted as sanction for discovery abuse (access required)

Where a defendant who was sued for injuries during the “Unite the Right” rallies ignored discovery requests and court orders over 18 months, and attorneys’ fees had already been awarded as a sanction, additional sanctions were warranted, including that certain ...

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Delay in producing documents does not warrant dismissal (access required)

Although the plaintiff delayed producing documents related to the medical care she alleges she received as a result of the defendant’s conduct, the delay was caused by factors beyond her control and dismissal of her claims was not warranted as ...

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