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EDVA: Firearm discovered in Terry stop suppressed (access required)

Police responding to gunfire in a Richmond neighborhood unreasonably detained a group of men walking away from where they heard shots. As a result, a firearm discovered after police detained the defendant was suppressed. Background Defendant Billy Curry was indicted ...

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4th Cir.: Search of “sexting” suspect unreasonable (access required)

Even acting pursuant to a warrant, a police detective was not entitled to qualified immunity for compelling a teenager to perform a sexual act. Background In 2014, Manassas police detective David E. Abbott investigated allegations that 17-year-old Plaintiff T. Sims ...

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Officer lacked reasonable suspicion of drug crime (access required)

An officer lacked reasonable suspicion to prolong an early-morning traffic stop, despite the apparent nervousness of the driver and passenger, the driver’s claim that he’d just purchased the vehicle despite being unemployed, and evidence of a long-distance trip inconsistent with ...

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Breath test “unavailable” en route to hospital (access required)

Use of a blood test to determine the defendant’s blood alcohol content without a warrant was justified under Virginia’s implied-consent law when administering a breath test would have delayed the defendant’s medical care. Background Alexandria police officer Reid Hudson pulled ...

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Dark web search warrant issued in good faith (access required)

A warrant executed in good faith, even if unconstitutional, did not render resulting evidence of child-pornography crimes inadmissible, the court of appeals held. Appellant Robert McLamb was identified by the FBI as a visitor to Playpen, a website accessible only ...

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