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GEICO offered $9K before suit, case settled for $275K – $275,000 Settlement (access required)

This was a contested liability and damages case. GEICO offered only $9,000 before suit and refused to negotiate any further until right before trial, when the case settled for $275,000. The plaintiff, a 58-year-old male turned left on a green ...

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Woman suffered brain damage, died at nursing home – $450,000 Settlement (access required)

Jane Doe was a patient at a nursing home, rehabbing from a stroke. She had an underlying condition that required a tracheostomy and had a permanent trach. Doe was alert and summonsed help because she was having difficulty breathing. Help ...

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Man suffers spine injury in rear-ender inside Tunnel – $295,000 Settlement (access required)

On a rainy day, traffic came to an abrupt stop inside the Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge-Tunnel and plaintiff was rear-ended. The defendant blamed the considerable amount of water on the roadway for not being able to stop in time. Plaintiff initially ...

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Woman rear-ended, suffered concussion; PTSD was issue – $246,500 Settlement (access required)

Plaintiff driver was hit from the rear with minimal property damage. She suffered injuries to her back and a concussion. Plaintiff did office work and had resulting problems with executive functioning and short-term memory. Plaintiff had prior similar problems but ...

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