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Issues to watch for when negotiating a solar lease


Sponsored Content BACK | SPONSORED CONTENT HOME By J. Court Shipman Solar energy is booming in Virginia. Solar developers are approaching landowners with attractive proposals promising passive income more lucrative than traditional farming. However, landowners should remember that the prospect ...

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Mediating a workers’ compensation case


Sponsored Content BACK | SPONSORED CONTENT HOME By Brandon Osterbind For several years now, the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission has promoted mediation as another means of case resolution. The commission’s system relies on the expertise of the current sitting deputy ...

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Recent legislative changes on spousal support law


By Anne L. Roddy There are three important takeaway points for domestic relations lawyers from recent legislation – two bills from the 2018 General Assembly session and one from Congress: If you want spousal support to be non-modifiable, state that affirmatively in your agreements. Effective ...

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The rise of mental health disabilities in the workplace


More on Employment Law in Virginia By Declan Leonard and Nick Johnson Ten years ago, it was not entire­ly clear whether an employee suffering from a mental health disorder was considered to have a “disability,” as defined under the Americans ...

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What every company can learn from the Fox News sexual harassment fiasco


More on Employment Law in Virginia By Seth Berenzweig and Drew Smith With a medley of infograph­ics, tickers and colorful personalities that leave the television more crowded than a fish market on Good Friday, Fox News ascended in the past ...

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