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Apr 27, 2020

COVID-19 Considerations: Reducing Malpractice Risks

For decades, Minnesota Lawyers Mutual has helped its insureds reduce their malpractice risks. The COVID-19 pandemic presents new challenges for the legal system as lawyers and courts nationwide adjust their work environments to combat the virus. Alice Sherren, Senior Claims Attorney, shares insight and references the “ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct” to help avoid […]

Dec 17, 2019

Recent Legal Changes for Immigrant Abused, Neglected and Abandoned Children

Sponsored Content BACK | SPONSORED CONTENT HOME By Rachel L. D. Thompson She won first place as the top speed skater in the country for her age group (girls between 11 and 14 years of age) in 2018 and added a second gold medal the following year when she defended her title as the American […]

Dec 16, 2019

Issues to watch for when negotiating a solar lease

Sponsored Content BACK | SPONSORED CONTENT HOME By J. Court Shipman Solar energy is booming in Virginia. Solar developers are approaching landowners with attractive proposals promising passive income more lucrative than traditional farming. However, landowners should remember that the prospect for higher returns is coupled with greater risk. Solar projects involve decades-long commitments that wil[...]

Dec 16, 2019

Breaking up is hard to do: a less painful split in business

Sponsored Content BACK | SPONSORED CONTENT HOME By Julia Rust When I started practicing law, I knew I did not want to work in family law. So when I went into corporate law, I thought I had dodged a bullet. You can imagine my dismay when I realized that much of corporate law is just […]

Dec 16, 2019

IP advice when starting your own law firm

Sponsored Content BACK | SPONSORED CONTENT HOME By Rachel Brenke Jumping into the world of solo or small law firm ownership can be a new adventure, a way to escape big law or a step towards owning a piece of the entrepreneurial pie. Many new business owners – whether they’re in the legal field or […]

Dec 16, 2019

Mediating a workers’ compensation case

Sponsored Content BACK | SPONSORED CONTENT HOME By Brandon Osterbind For several years now, the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission has promoted mediation as another means of case resolution. The commission’s system relies on the expertise of the current sitting deputy commissioners who only hear workers’ compensation cases day in and day out. Workers’ compensation cases […]

Jun 5, 2018

Recent legislative changes on spousal support law

By Anne L. Roddy There are three important takeaway points for domestic relations lawyers from recent legislation – two bills from the 2018 General Assembly session and one from Congress: If you want spousal support to be non-modifiable, state that affirmatively in your agreements. Effective July 1, clients can retire at maximumsocial security age (currently 67) and that age is a mater[...]

May 30, 2018

When should a guardian ad litem be appointed in a child custody case?

By Erik Barnes In determining when courts may, must or should appoint a guardian ad litem, many factors come into play — the Constitution, statutes, the common law, and the Rules of the Supreme Court of Virginia. Guardians ad litem are appointed to represent the interests of those the law deems incapable of doing so for themselves, […]

Jul 24, 2017

The rise of mental health disabilities in the workplace

More on Employment Law in Virginia By Declan Leonard and Nick Johnson Ten years ago, it was not entire­ly clear whether an employee suffering from a mental health disorder was considered to have a “disability,” as defined under the Americans with Disabilities Act. In fact, there were a number of deci­sions from federal courts around […]

Jul 24, 2017

What every company can learn from the Fox News sexual harassment fiasco

More on Employment Law in Virginia By Seth Berenzweig and Drew Smith With a medley of infograph­ics, tickers and colorful personalities that leave the television more crowded than a fish market on Good Friday, Fox News ascended in the past de­cade to the zenith of cable news. Billing itself as “America’s #1 ca­ble news network,” […]

Jul 24, 2017

When does ex-employee’s use of LinkedIn violate a non-solicitation agreement?

More on Employment Law in Virginia By Katie Lipp and David Moon LinkedIn has quickly emerged as the premier social media outlet for professional network­ing in the United States. However, while the platform presents an exciting opportunity for com­panies to identify job candidates, expand business networks and maintain client relationships, its net­working features have given […]

Jul 24, 2017

Why employees may be the biggest risk for a cyber attack

More on Employment Law in Virginia By Steve Britt and Frank Gulino During tax season earlier this year, a human resources professional at a Virginia government contractor received an email purportedly from the company’s CEO requesting the 2016 tax forms for all of the com­pany’s employees. She duly com­plied by reply email. An hour lat­er, […]

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