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Tag Archives: Supreme Court of Virginia

Trooper’s testimony incorrectly admitted in car crash case (access required)

Where a police officer’s testimony amounted to his subjective interpretation of what plaintiff told him while he was investigating an accident, in which defendant rear-ended plaintiff’s car, the trial court should have excluded the testimony. Trouble ahead Grimsley, the plaintiff, ...

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Restrictive covenants cannot be enforced in statue removal case (access required)

The commonwealth has the authority to remove a state-owned monument from state owned property. The monument is a form of government speech. To the extent that the document conveying the property to the state and a legislative resolution accepting the ...

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Benefits award upheld despite incorrect analysis (access required)

We affirm the Court of Appeals’ determination that claimant was entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, even though the court used an incorrect analysis to reach its conclusion. The appeals court ruled that claimant’s injury occurred during a four-hour period, and ...

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Conviction for failure to appear reversed (access required)

Where the trial court found appellant guilty of failure to appear, the Court of Appeals erred by affirming the conviction after determining that appellant waived his right under Rule 5A:18 to challenge whether there was sufficient evidence to convict. Prior ...

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Workers’ comp sole remedy for mental health employee’s death (access required)

Where a client referred to a residential at-risk youth program murdered a counselor, the circuit court correctly ruled that the exclusive remedy for the counselor’s estate was a workers’ compensation claim. The circuit court properly dismissed negligence and wrongful death ...

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