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Suspect was free to leave, ‘Miranda’ warnings not needed (access required)

Although the police were not required to give Miranda warnings to defendant before questioning him while executing a search warrant, the warnings provided were constitutionally sufficient. Facts Defendant Spinner’s father-in-law was a murder victim. Spinner and the victim’s daughter, Tamara, ...

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Attorney admonished for Rule 3.3(a)(1) violation (access required)

The Virginia Supreme Court agrees with a three-judge panel’s memorandum order, which determined that respondent-appellant violated Rule 3.3(a)(1) of the Rules of Professional Conduct and that an admonition is the appropriate sanction. In its order, the panel “unanimously found under ...

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Court erred in review of student’s disciplinary matter (access required)

Where a school board disciplined a student for nonconsensual sexual touching of three other students, the circuit court erred by vacating the board’s decision. The circuit court misapplied governing legal standards and misinterpreted the record of the disciplinary proceedings, rules ...

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