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Tag Archives: Supreme Court of Virginia

Performance bond claim was untimely (access required)

Where the parties’ surety contract provided that if the limitation period for filing a claim against a performance bond was void, then the minimum limitations period under Virginia law would apply, that period is not the five-year default limitation for ...

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Sovereign immunity offers protection for doctor who treated DADC inmate (access required)

Doctor in white coat holding stethoscope

The Supreme Court of Virginia affirmed a lower court’s ruling concluding that a doctor who treated inmates in a Virginia correctional center was protected by derivative sovereign immunity. The state’s high court also granted the doctor’s demurrer to a gross ...

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No negligence claim in tree crush case (access required)

Where appellee was severely injured when a tree on appellant’s property fell and crushed appellee’s car, the circuit court incorrectly overruled appellant’s demurrer to a negligence claim. The complaint did not allege that appellant “had engaged in any affirmative act ...

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County’s demand for commuter route payments fails (access required)

The Virginia Supreme Court has affirmed a ruling that the establishment of a commuter route did not trigger a shopping center owner’s obligation to contribute $500,000 under a zoning proffer for public transportation. “The County’s argument that voluntary conditional proffers ...

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