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SCV: “Infinity” value made formula unenforceable (access required)

A property sales agreement, which set forth a mathematical formula for apportioning increases to local development-density rights between the property owners, was rendered impossible to calculate when the county removed the density limit entirely. Background In 2000, Appellant WG Land ...

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SCV: Double jeopardy bars double firearm convictions (access required)

The court of appeals correctly held that convictions for both common-law and statutory involuntary manslaughter under Code § 18.2-154 amounted to unconstitutional double convictions for the same offense. Background A jury convicted Appellee Carroll Gregg of both common law involuntary ...

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SCV: Continuing objection too general to preserve error (access required)

After unsuccessfully requesting a foreseeability instruction to the jury, the plaintiff – attempting to avoid numerous objections during the defense’s closing argument – obtained permission to enter a continuing objection, but failed to object with sufficient specificity as to any ...

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