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Special relationship, respondeat superior claims reinstated (access required)

Plaintiff , a young sexual abuse victim, has adequately pleaded that there was a special relationship between her and defendants, a local church and its national denomination, which created a duty to protect her from a church deacon who defendants ...

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UIM payment does not affect verdict amount (access required)

A $1.5 million jury verdict against defendant cannot be offset by plaintiff’s $750,000 payment from her uninsured/underinsured motorist policy. Facts White was driving when Llewellyn backed out of her driveway and struck White’s vehicle. White was seriously injured and sued ...

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Case incorrectly dismissed after judgment was obtained (access required)

Where this case was previously remanded because the trial court’s judgment listed one plaintiff twice and omitted another plaintiff, the trial court correctly dismissed the twice-named plaintiff (because it did not obtain a certificate  of authority or registration before entry ...

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